chase your green balloon

by Joanna on September 5, 2011

we were on the boardwalk and a little girl was sitting two benches down from us with admiring a new hermit crab and holding onto a green balloon.  it’s pretty windy here today and the balloon got caught in the wind and started bouncing down the boardwalk.  did the little girl cry?  nope.  she said “let’s get it” and started running after it with a big smile on her face.  she and her uncle finally caught up to it and she walked back our way with her arms around the balloon and a huge smile on her face.  they walk past us on their way to do whatever it is they were going to do next.  two or three minutes later, we see a green balloon bouncing by again, it brushes mike’s leg as it bounces under the bench we’re sitting on and a pinkish red one follows.  and here comes the uncle chasing after it again, the little girl following quickly behind, still with a big smile on her face.  and i thought, this is a great metaphor for life.  if your green balloon starts to blow or bounce away, just run after it with a big smile on your face. you’ll get it.

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