feel good friday

by Joanna on September 2, 2011

i love fridays.  i love fridays even more when i have no plans.  and i honestly can’t remember the last friday that i didn’t have something to do. because of this, i was really looking forward to tonight and it ended up to be a really nice evening.  mike is at the nationals game with some buddies, so i had the whole night to myself.  what a treat :)

after a stressful few days at work, i was ready to relax with a pedicure. boy, was it relaxing. i thoroughly enjoyed the foot soak, chair massage, exfoliation, and an extra long foot and leg massage i think the pedicurist felt bad after she asked me if i had a baby and i said no. hey, i’ll take it.  it. felt. so. good.  i flipped through some magazines as my nails were getting painted and as they dried, randomly finding an article by gretchen rubin, (i highly recommend her book the happiness project), and learning that ben and jen are having another baby (what a great celebrity couple, huh?).

i left the nail place completely relaxed and headed to 2amys for a pizza to go.




i enjoyed the 2amys with arugula while watching guiliana and bill.

then i cleaned our kitchen, took out the trash, and packed for the weekend:  we’re headed to ocean city, md with mike’s family tomorrow.

mike will be so pleased when he comes home and sees that we’re all packed for the beach.  this is one of the little things i try to do to make him happy.  typically i pack the morning of and getting out the door in the morning is quite a process and makes us both stressed.  nothing like starting a long drive huffing and puffing.  fingers crossed that we will get out the door with ease in the morning (and that mike feels moved to reward me with breakfast at open city).




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