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by Joanna on March 8, 2012


Girls on the Run is so much fun!


Just got home from my second Girls on the Run practice and I’m in such a great mood.  It’s funny, they say the coaches get just as much out of GOTR as the girls do.  I’m surprised that so early in the season, I’m already feeling the truth of that.

Today’s lesson was all about plugging into the Girls on the Run cord and choosing to be happy, positive, upbeat instead of some other negative cords we often find attached to us.  We talked about what it feels like to be plugged into the Girls on the Run cord and what that type of girl looks like.  We also discussed things we can do to get us recharged when we’re feeling negative.  It was cool to see what the girls listed.

It’s funny because before practice I was NOT plugged into the Girls on the Run cord. Before today’s practice, I was brainstorming posts titled “Ready to Reset” or “Too much juggling.” I called my mom crying while walking to a meeting on campus. Awesome. And when I got on the bus to go to practice I texted Mike “I’m completely drained.”

But when practice started and we started running around, I completely forgot about my crappy day.

God, it feels so good to run and play.  And run for fun.  This wasn’t an “oh, I wish I was skinny” run or an “if only I was a runner and enjoyed this workout” run. This was just pure, kid fun.

We ran around silly and I did leaps across the grass.  We were doing wheelbarrows and a girl was holding my legs as I walked on my hands yelling “keep moving, keep moving, farther, farther, farther” and I could. not. stop. laughing.  We did boats (I think) where you lean back and balance on our butt while extending your legs which is usually really hard for me and I could do them. We played Sharks and Minnows which I never played before.  And I was laughing. I couldn’t believe how much I was laughing and how much fun I was having.

Now I’m totally plugged back in and excited for a productive, fun end of the week.

I’d love to know:

What do you do to recharge? How do you separate yourself from the negative, yucky plugs you find yourself attached to? I cook.  I nap.  I go for a walk. I call a friend. I write. I workout. I find someone to laugh with.  And after today, I’m reminded that playing and being around kids makes me happy.  

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1 Lee March 8, 2012 at 9:05 pm

My escape is riding my bike to and from work. It’s a great wake up and an even better stress reliever at the end of the day. 26 miles round trip is quite therapeutic. Love the blog!


2 Joanna March 9, 2012 at 6:52 am

That’s a great one! Especially now that it’s getting so nice out!

Thanks for reading, Lee!


3 colby March 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm

I want to hear more about Girls on the Run and how you got involved. It sounds fabulous! Can we have a girls night soon to catch up on everything?


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