Separation anxiety

by Joanna on March 9, 2012

I get separation anxiety when I’m going to be away from Mike for a little while.  I think this started at some point during college and I can’t explain exactly why it started or why it continues today.  But it’s something I deal with.  And it can be intense.

So even though I’m super excited about going to St. Lucia with my sisters (Melissa, Chrissy, and Becca) for a week starting tomorrow, I’ve been battling this anxiety for the whole week.

As a sub-conscious way to protect myself, I’ll start to get short with Mike, frustrated with him for silly things, and will start to distance myself from him. Of course, this is the exact opposite of how I want to spend days together before days apart.

Once I leave or he leaves, I’m fine. I’ll shed a tear or two and get on with the fun. But the couple days leading up to the departure are rough.

So that’s where I am today.  Anxious about packing up and leaving tomorrow. Nervous that I’ll ruin our date tonight by picking fights or being snappy at my husband when all I want is a fun, romantic, relaxing evening together. And excited for vacation with my sisters all at the same time.

I’d love to know:

Do you ever have separation anxiety?  How do you get through it?

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