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by Joanna on April 16, 2012

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.

I’ve been reading a great series by Hayley of Tiny Twig Goes Out on a Limb about how to find, grow, and keep your passion. In her post how to create your own inspiration, Hayley asks and answers “What makes me excited?” and then explains that we can use the answers to this question to create times of inspiration, motivation and creativity.

Here’s my list:

perusing a book store

going to a yoga class

happy hour/coffee/dinner with a friend

walking around the city on a weekend

making a new recipe

feeding people

riding the bus and looking out the window

sunny days

driving and singing to the radio

talking to strangers

a good workout

being out of the office during normal business hours

reading magazines

listening to others

being out and about in the morning

helping others

These are things that make me feel inspired, creative, motivated.They perk me up. They make me feel like me.  They get my creative juices flowing.  They get me out of a funk.  They stimulate me.  They calm me down.  They distract me. They help me de-stress and recharge. They make me happy and bubbly and excited.

The next time I’m looking for some inspiration or am feeling down, I’ll refer to this list to get me back to me.

Let’s hear it:

What’s on your list?  What gets you excited?


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