Letter to Oprah

by Joanna on May 13, 2012

When I was a kid,  I wanted to send Oprah a letter telling her that I had the best mom ever. For some reason, I thought Oprah was the person that would recognize and appreciate this and would honor my mom appropriately.  Here’s what I would’ve written:

Dear Oprah,

I’m writing to tell you about my mom.  She’s the best mom in the world. My mom has 5 kids and she does everything for us. She makes sure we get all our homework done and that we have snack. She lets us watch TV and have icecream before bed. She makes sure we all go to bed on time. My mom is very organized.  She has a calendar book to keep track of everything. She takes us to all of our activities: band, karate, soccer. She lets us have friends over all the time. She gives us allowance for our chores and we each have a saving cup and a spending cup.  We usually use our money for the icecream man. She is always there for me and my brother and sisters. 

My dad works long hours so my mom has to do most things for us herself.  And she doesn’t complain.  She does everything for us because she loves us. My mom doesn’t take much time for herself or do many things just for her.  I’d love if you could do something to celebrate my mom.  Maybe send her on a cruise or to come visit your show and have everyone cheer and clap for her.  She really deserves it. 

Thanks, Oprah.



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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1 MOM May 13, 2012 at 10:13 pm

I always did want to go see Oprah…………but just knowing that you feel that I did my best is more than I could ever ask for. Staying with you guys was the right thing to do for you; yet, leaving the right thing to do for me. What you said to me last week will stay with me forever about that. And I thank you for telling me. I Love You!


2 Becca Norelli May 15, 2012 at 12:19 pm

I have never seen this picture and absolutely love it!
But every single year when Oprah’s favorite things came on, in my head I said “OH MAN!! I totally meant to write to Oprah and beg her to let my mom come on Oprah’s favorite things, she’d LOVE that!”
It’s so funny that we both had the same idea, and I actually think all of us did!
Love you both


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