Love during hockey playoffs

by Joanna on May 10, 2012

Playoff hockey season can be challenging for a marriage.  There are games multiple days a week and the stakes of each game are high. Because I’m not a huge Flyers fan, we usually spend this time apart. Between the hockey games and our busy schedules, it’s been particularly hard to find time to spend together in the last few weeks.

However, Mike did a few things during the Flyers playoffs that made me feel really loved. They are seemingly small things but they show thought and care.

During one of the first games, I was really sick and went to bed early.  The Flyers ended up winning against the Penguins (Mike could tell you more about the exact game and exact plays/goals). The next morning I asked if they won or lost and he said they won.  He said he was doing some silent jumping up and down and screaming because he didn’t want to wake me.

A few weeks ago, I had a work event and got home later than usual. I walked into the apartment and Mike was making dinner and music filled the space. I can’t remember what song was playing or what Mike said to me but I remember standing, holding the island with both hands, facing the window, singing and looking out and relishing the moment. Later Mike told me that he wanted to put the game on but didn’t because I deserved to come home and not have the game on in the background. That since it wasn’t even a Flyers game he decided to do without it.

On Thursday last week we sat down to have dinner at the table before the game started.  Knowing that the game started at 7:30, I figured we’d eat quick and Mike would go on to watch the game.  We got caught up chatting and when I looked at my watch it was 7:50.  We moved to the couch and continued talking, maybe even watched an episode of Modern Family.  I was so grateful that he wasn’t itching to turn the game on and made the effort to get some quality time in with me.

I also showed some consideration during playoffs.  Earlier this week, I really wanted to talk to Mike about some next steps. Knowing that he had a paper to finish and the Flyers to watch that night, I texted him and said “Can we chat about coach training tomorrow night?” He appreciated that I recognized the importance of his paper and his desire to watch the game. I appreciated that he noticed that.

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