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by Joanna on June 29, 2012

In my post on having a baby last week, I mentioned that I’m pretty much not ready to have a baby because I’m really enjoying focusing on myself right now.  Here’s what I’m up to…

Things After the Rings

Obviously.  I love writing and often find my mind wandering to potential blog posts.  I’m having fun with my blog and have so many things I’d like to do to continue to improve it.

Prepping for life coach training

I start a life coach training program at the end of July (can. not. wait!) and I’ve been busy doing some pre-work for it including a 27-page questionnaire about my life and a book report.

Business course

I’m enrolled in Ramit‘s Earn 1K course about making money on the side through freelance work.

Starting a business

The reason I’m enrolled in Earn 1K is because I’m in the process of starting a life coaching business. In addition to learning more about business and reading a lot about life coaching and personal development, I’m also spending significant amounts of time brainstorming ideas for services and packages, ways to find leads and clients, and working on branding.

My day job

I’ve actually become much more engaged in my day job over the last few months and find my mind brainstorming ideas on my own time.

And then there’s life…

In addition to all of these great things, I’m having fun being married, spending time with friends, exploring DC, and just relaxing and enjoying weekends.


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