mike’s birthday surprise (and mine too!)

by Joanna on July 16, 2012

Mike’s birthday was on Thursday.

Remember our gift giving policy? Well I had a great idea…

His present came in a box and included a chocolate cake and something else that Mike goes nuts over…

No, I didn’t pop out of a cake.  😉

I ordered pizzas from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago and had them delivered on his birthday!

I was so excited about this gift, telling all of my co-workers about it and how I made a fake reservation for dinner that we wouldn’t use because once Mike saw the pizzas he was going to want to heat one up and eat it right then.

I was also a little nervous about getting Mike to meet me at our apartment and not the restaurant so he could get his gift but luckily Mike’s pretty agreeable and when I said “I want to bring the car home and don’t know what time I’ll get there, let’s meet at home” he said “sounds good.”

The package was waiting for Mike at the door when he got home (lucky!) and he said it was such a nice surprise.

When I walked in, he said “thanks for my present!” and I was like “oh, yay! it’s here!”

Though he knew what was inside (see outside above) and was smiling from ear to ear and sitting on the edge of the couch excited to open it, he waited for me to get home to open it, knowing that I’d want to take pictures to share with you all. He cut it open, took out one pepperoni and one sausage pizza, and a chocolate cake, said something like “sweet, thank you!”

“Should we go?” he says…

I was like “oh, you still want to go to dinner? I only made that reservation to keep you off of my trail.  I thought you’d want to stay in and eat the pizza immediately.”

Literally I thought he was going to go nuts over this.  I guess I thought he’d start drooling uncontrollably and jump up and down like a puppy.  Apparently he has more restraint that I thought.

But he said he was looking forward to going out for dinner and drinks and relaxing.  While I was surprised, I totally understood and thought he might feel that way.

Luckily I hadn’t cancelled our reservation as I’d planned to do, so we headed down to the waterfront for dinner. (check that off the summer to-do list!)

gorgeous view of the Potomac and the Kennedy Center

 What a view, huh?

It was a gorgeous night and we got a great table at Sequoia.

To be honest, the food wasn’t that great but it was still a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience.

Then, Friday night we had one of the pizzas for dinner.

O.M.G. was it delicious.  I honestly wasn’t crazy about the pizza when we got it in Chicago in the fall but this one was so so so good.

Mike was going nuts.  He had a smile on his face the whole time he was eating it. I think this gift makes the “best of our relationship” list!

And we still have one pizza and the chocolate cake left!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


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