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by Joanna on September 26, 2012

Hey there!

Just wanted to do a quick check-in and let you know that I’m alive.

I was in NYC visiting friends this weekend through Monday so I was away from the computer over the weekend and now I’m recovering from my trip.

I posted on Facebook last weekend that I was at my favorite coffee shop blogging and was looking forward to sharing some great content. That wasn’t a lie–I am, but blogging has fallen a bit on my priority list as of late.

I’m super busy with coach training, tutoring, and coaching appointments, oh, and work. And it’s that time of year…seasonal affective disorder is getting me in full force so my mornings are not nearly as productive as I’d like them to be. Instead of berating myself for not posting, I’m trying to give my body what it needs and accept the fact that I’m a) really busy and b) just getting by for now and that I might not get to post as often as I’d like and that’s OK.

I’m looking forward to this weekend and next for a chance to catch my breath a bit.

PS–I was also in NYC this weekend last year!


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1 Autumn@fallfordesign.com September 26, 2012 at 5:14 pm

I completely understand this. When my etsy business booms I’m silent for a couple of days, sometimes a week. I’m glad I subscribed to receive e-mail updates from you though. :) Thanks for the heads up!


2 Leslie September 27, 2012 at 8:54 am

I will certainly take getting to have a wonderful dinner with you and the gals over a lack of morning coffee entertainment any day! Miss you <3


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