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by Joanna on January 22, 2013

What are the most used words or phrases in your home?

Thank you–I noticed about a year ago how often we say thank you to each other.  It’s not something conscious but I like that we do this. Some may argue that we overdo it on the thank you’s but we think it’s just right.

I love you

Look. at. that. This one is common while we’re cooking.  I didn’t realize how often I would say this until we were cooking one night and Mike was like “go ahead, say it.” “Say what?” I asked.  “Look at that.”  Now every time I say it, I notice. I say it pretty much every step of the way while we’re cooking something new.

Good idea by you This phrase comes out when someone chooses a good restaurant or recipe, a plan that works out, etc.

How do you talk to each other?

Usually pretty nicely. (see above).

We also have this weird language we’ve developed over the years full of words that we’ve made up or begun to overuse. For example, we sometimes call Chipotle by a different name that I can’t really share here because I don’t know how it would be spelled.  It starts with Shh and rhymes with Chipotle.


So, what about you? Common phrases you use with your significant other?

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