three angels

by Joanna on October 17, 2013


In the last couple months, I’ve come in contact with three women that I would call angels.

The first was a short interaction while I was walking back to my office from Starbucks one morning. I smiled at a woman as we came to the corner together and said “good morning.” She said “Good morning. Don’t you look beautiful. Do you know who you look like? The princess.” She meant Kate Middleton. She told me I looked like Kate Middleton! It was a magical moment because I had been feeling really fat, many of my clothes not fitting, and I thought my hair was kind of frizzy. But she saw something different. Made me take a step back and think about myself in a kinder way.

The second angel actually came during a visit to the National Cathedral. After leaving work early because my anxiety got the best of me, I walked over to the Cathedral for some solace. There was a service ending and was on the verge of tears. Maybe tears isn’t a strong enough word to describe what I was experiencing. I walked up to the verger and asked if she would sit with me for a minute. She gently led me to a row of pews and as soon as I sat down, I started sobbing. Deep, deep sobs. “Wow, what sadness,” she said as she held me in her arms and let me cry. She sat with me for an hour. An hour. She listened. She held the space for me to cry.

The third was sitting next to me on the second day of the Hay House I Can Do It Conference. Iyanla VanSant opened up the day with a grand entrance. She walked through the crowd singing “you’re the one I want, you’re the one I need, you’re the one for me.” And, you guessed it, I cried. I was super emotional and just let the tears flow. When she got to the stage, we sat down and she instructed us to take the hand of person on either side of us and invited us to close our eyes. “Your hand is in the hand of an angel,” she said. When we opened our eyes, she invited us to give the person next to us a big hug. Though one of my friends was on my left, I ended up turning to the stranger on my right (and she to me, though her friend was on the other side of her) and she hugged me and once again I sobbed into the arms of a stranger. She just held me. I’m pretty sure my tears were dripping on her skin and she just continued to hold me tight and just let me cry.

I’m so grateful that I crossed paths with these women when I did. Even though our time together was brief and I’ll probably never see them again, these interactions were really special.

Have you come in contact with any angels lately?

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1 Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy October 17, 2013 at 4:23 pm

I love these stories. I hope that everything is okay <3.


2 Joanna October 18, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Thanks, Emily! Everything’s good. Just got some emotions going on lately.


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