two ah-ha’s i had during coaching

by Joanna on January 15, 2014

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I’ve had great sessions with my coach the last two weeks and had some big ah-ha moments. While they stand alone, they also relate to each other. In both cases, I almost cancelled the sessions because I “didn’t have anything to talk about.” I’m so glad I didn’t.

Here they are.

It’s OK to be OK.

This came during my first coaching session of the new year. I had a lot of things to look forward to and not much to really discuss. In the beginning of the session, I found myself almost searching for something tough, frustrating, or bothersome to talk about but nothing really came up or felt authentic to talk about in that moment. As I talked it out, I realized “it’s OK to be OK.” It’s OK to not have a complaint for a week. To be happy where you’re at and excited about where things are going. It’s OK to relish the times when things are going your way. When you’re feeling at peace.

In the my next session, I felt the same way. While I had a little bit of resistance and anxiety come up about some things coming down the pike, I’m mostly excited about the opportunities in front of me. I mentioned my fear and we acknowledged that it’s totally normal.

We kept talking about these opportunities and how they are so perfect for me. How they align really well with who I am, what I love, my strengths. They are perfect for me now and perfect to get me where I want to go in the future. We talked about how they fit into a future I hadn’t really openly considered until then. One thing lead to the next and 45-mins went by. Things came out that I had been thinking about and all these dots just connected. It was awesome. So powerful. And that’s when I realized…

Coaching isn’t only for conflicts and problems. It can also be about taking good to great. 

Uh, duh. You’d think I’d know this. Of course, as a coach myself I do know this.

So often we start coaching to get someone out of a conflict or help them make a decision that’s imminent. That what I’ve worked on myself and what I’ve worked on with clients.

But there is also so much value in talking through future ideas, brainstorming, talking about what’s working, why it’s working, and where we may want to go from here, how we can build on the goodness. It’s so powerful to have a space to talk through those types of things. I loved it.

And now that I know this, now that I’ve learned this through experience, I certainly won’t forget this anytime soon.

(You may have to remind me about the first one though…)

Sending love,



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