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by Joanna on May 23, 2014

three favorite things

Pictured above, three of my favorite things: my husband reading, our comfy bed, and the big windows in our apartment. I’m so glad my weekend will be filled with all three. We’re going to Annapolis for a night to celebrate our anniversary and then we’ll spend the rest of the weekend relaxing at home.

We took our go-to chocolate chip pancake recipe to the next level with this.

New snack this week. Just what I’ve been looking for. Sweet, satisfying, protein-filled, and comfy. But also relatively healthy.

I agree with everything in this post about finding your purpose or calling.

You know I love stuff like this. Just happy. So so happy.

I love Natalie’s definition of style. Her blog has definitely changed the way I think about beauty and style. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the capsule wardrobe she mentioned here.

If you’re dreading going back to your job after this long weekend, check out this program if you want help and encouragement to make a change.




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