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by Joanna on February 20, 2015

I found the perfect time to go to the grocery store: Thursday night at 8:45. Just got back from a super quick trip to pick up a few things for breakfast on Saturday morning and it was a dream! There was no one in the store so I was able to zip around, getting the few things I needed — and a few extras that caught my eye. My good mood probably helped with the zipping!

Happy weekend! Some links for you:

A super indulgent smoothie I drank four times this week

I love taking myself on dates so I loved this post about a girl who dated herself as a rebound (Good share, Colleen!)

I always say “sometimes saying no to others means saying yes to yourself” so I love my friend Jess’ idea to capture your no’s. And check out her email course, 30 Days of Gutsy, too!

Love this idea for connecting with friends!

I’ve been thinking about making these pancakes again for a couple weeks now…maybe this weekend?

And a quote from a book I’m reading:

Loneliness is an invitation to recognize that our hearts have more capacity to love. The same way hunger pangs tell us when we need nourishment and energy, loneliness is our heart’s way of encouraging us to engage.” ~Shasta Nelson, Friendships Don’t Just Happen


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